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Adjusting Property Alternate Dispute Resolution Casualty Campus Catastrophe Commercial Time Element Losses General Interest Large Property Losses Management PLRB Property Coverage Special Investigations/Fraud Subrogation Technology Underwriting

Adjusting Bodily Injury & Wrongful Death Claims

Bad Faith Damages in Third-Party Claims

Biomechanics of Injury Causation: How People Get Hurt

Catastrophic Injury Damages Models

Claims Handling for Construction Site Accidents

Confronting the “Reptile Theory”

Construction Defect Claims: CGL Coverage Issues

Contractual Indemnity & Additional Insured Liability

Declaratory Judgment Actions: How, When & Why?

Defending Negligent Security Claims

Diminished Value in Auto Claims

Driverless Cars: Liability & Coverage Issues

Emerging CGL Risks: Challenges for 2018 & Beyond

Food Liability Exposures & Insurance Coverage

Homeowners Liability Coverage: Current Trends

Independent Counsel Fees: Keeping Control

Litigated Bodily Injury Claims

Litigation Management College

Multiple Claimant Cases: Minimizing Exposure

Negotiating Strategies in Bodily Injury Claims

Recovering Payments Through Third-Party Claims

Reservation of Rights & Coverage Declinations

Traumatic Brain Injury: Evaluating Claims

Uninsured Motorist Claims: Complex Issues


Adapting to a World of Change

Unlock a World of New Opportunities

Network with a diverse range of claims professionals and service providers from among hundreds of companies across the nation, all in one location.

Change Your Perspective

Mix-and-match your course selections from fourteen educational tracks with 100 sessions taught by industry leaders to prepare you for our changing world.

Be Prepared

Prepare for any challenge that comes your way by connecting with over 300 of the industry's leading service provider organizations at the Insurance Services Expo.

Learning with and from others in our industry. A lot of great information was exchanged among attendees in the classes. interesting to hear about what others are doing and how it is working for them. I feel like it provides a perspective on common issues, insights that is difficult to gain in any other way.

Opportunity to network with other professionals and discuss relevant topics of the day.

PLRB remains the "gold standard" for insurance industry conferences.

For my first time attending I really felt like I took away many helpful points to use.

The conference was amazing and provided top notch educational opportunities, as it always does.

The sessions I attended were relevant to my job, engaging, and well done.

PLRB greatly appreciates the following claims service providers for their outstanding support for the 2018 Claims Conference.



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